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Your thoughts on

Harm Reduction

We want to know your thoughts on harm reduction

We want to find out about members of our communities relationship with harm reduction. Please take some quality time to fill in this questionnaire.

Responses from this will be used to develop this site and may also be used in presentations. You may respond anonymously if you wish. You will also have the option to let us know who you are but have us not share your participation on the site or presentations 

Harm reduction questionnaire

This form has multiple questions that you might want to think about and draft answers to first. You may download a PDF version of the questions to make planning your responses easier for you.

    Please rate the following statements (1 = Not at all, 5 = I strongly believe this).
    Harm reduction is part of policy change.
    Harm reduction is part of social justice.
    Harm reduction can exist alongside other models.
    Harm reduction is just about reducing drug and alcohol risks.
    Please let us know what you understand these harm reduction slogans to mean.
    Any positive change.
    Meeting people where they are at
    Support. Don't punish!
    Are you happy for us to use your responses on this website? YesNo