Amazing response from you all

The idea for the project has been knocking around for a long time, discussions at conferences, on email and over skype all helped make us think this was something that might be interesting. But what we didn’t expect was such a great reaction from you all.

In the first day of the site being live we’ve had over 30 people filling in the questionnaire, with some wonderful responses like this:

How is harm reduction connected to policy change?

Policy change is pragmatic and opportunistic and also about compromise. Harm reduction is also pragmatic, opportunist and about compromise, of sorts. Practitioners should be able to apply their day to day capapcity in harm reduction to effective policy change. In addition – good policy should be about making people’s lives demonstrably better and safer. Harm reduction, understood completely is also about these things and drawing form Harm reduction principles would undoubtedly make for better policy grounded in the experience of the people it will affect.


Over the coming weeks we will be adding excerpts from responses to the website for you all to see.

We’d just like to thank you all for the support so far, for the Facebook sharing, tweets and the other ways we know you are getting the site to people. You are all wonderful!

  • “No pleasure is a bad thing in itself, but the things which produce certain pleasures entail harms many times greater than the pleasures themselves.”

  • “The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety.”

  • “Harm reduction, not just for other people”

    Urban Survivors’ Union
  • “Be curious, not judgemental.”

    Walt Whitman