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Philosophy Project


What To Expect

It’s good to have a plan
This is a long term project, partially as it’s being developed in our freetime, but also because we want to do it well. As you can see from the timeline below we want to consult with the harm reduction community as much as we can.
Please note: this timeline is likely to change/evolve over time as we get deeper into understanding the project and what it could become.

1. Concept

Completed, december 2017
The concept for this project was an initial idea of Nigel Brunsdon’s and was further developed by a small self selected group of advocates who have an interest in philosophy and who don’t mind volunteering their time.

2. Site launch

Completed, march 2018
The Harm Reduction Philosophy site was launched in March 2018, containing the Mission Statement and initial community consultation.

3. First community consultation

The first consultation is so we can develop a baseline on both peoples thoughts on harm reduction and how this intersects with their wider life philosophies. This (and community feedback to the responses which will be added to the site) will allow us to develop a draft philosophy. We also intend to use responses as the basis of presentations to help promote this project.

4. Responses added to the site

Still to do
Responses from the First Community Consultation added to the website for reference and community discussion.

5. Second community consultation

Still to do
Using the responses to the first community consultation, presentation feedback and feedback from the responses posted on the site we will develop a second community consultation that delves deeper into the psycology of harm reduction.

6. First draft outcome

Still to do
Following the consultations we will be developing a draft philosophy document. This will be a ‘living’ document (ie constantly being changed and updated) until we produce the first full version.

7. Third community consultation

Still to do
The third consultation will be focused on peoples thoughts about the draft philosophy, this will be a combination of a web form and commented responses.

8. Version one of Harm Reduction Philosophy published

Still to do
The first full version of the consultation published, this will become a ‘living’ document (ie constantly being changed and updated).